Helping children of rural hilly part of Nepal to enhance their quality of life.


To enhance the quality of life of children of Humla along with food, clothes, sanitarians, educational supplies and health care.


New Light Society (Nawa Jyoti Samaj ) (NJS ) was a project initiated by Mr Thinley Dorje Lama, a Nepali young student and Buddhist practitioner who try to do his best for other and poor children, orphan and elderly people who are out of care since his childhood.

New Light Society is located at the Karnali Province, Humla District, Simkot Village Municipality, Ward no. 6 and only 3 minutes walk from Simkot Airport( Nepal highest Airport). Around 3000 meters high from sea level.
The New Light Society location can be reached by a one hour middle Yeti Airline from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and one day must need to stay in Nepalgunj. Next day 45 minutes small plane ride from Nepalgunj Town to Simkot Airport and three minutes walk from Simkot Airport to Head office. People must need to ride plane because no road link touch in Humla. Only traveling through Air way.
Humla is very beautiful and fresh air everywhere. People are kindful and helpful but lack of wealth and education. Some people has good wealth but they haven’t helpful mind. Different culture and castes people around head office. There is very good see, meet and stay in Humla.
New Light Society Hostel is four hours walk from New Light Society Office in Simkot. Also can ride horse or two 3 kilometers small car. We bought land there and planning to build hostel there. Our goal is register Children Home but now a days very difficult to register Children Home so we plan to build hostel for orphan and poor children.

Project Goal

New Light Society Foundation is in renting home.
The goal of the project are :
• Provide a education to orphan, poor and cripple children to Education and educational supplies. Also home education to elderly who are uneducated.
• Provide home and education to orphan and destitute children.
• Try to help those people who have necessary of emergency health like need to operation. Operation is impossible in Humla so must need to take in Kathmandu but destitute people couldn’t take in Kathmandu and die without treatment. So try to help patients from destitute people.
• Medical camp in every village Municipality once in year.
• Open hostel in very remote and necessary place because children home is very difficult to register in this days.
• Try to open Hospital in very remote area.
• Setup a volunteer engagement program for overseas student and helpful people from all over the world to visit and engage in education and community development projects to allow the New Light Society Hostel children to learn from a global experimental environment.

Project Registration

New Light Society Foundation is in the final of registration with the Government to be licensed as an early education and health program. Co-CDO Mahesh Kumar Pokhrel help lots for registration. Also received Social Welfare Council license.

Project Sponsor and Donor

New Light Society Hostel where 19 children living was successed to buy land  by help of  Mr Hsieh Yi Hung’s Family ( his wife Mrs Weng Hue E, his daughter miss Hsieh Pie Ching, his son Mr. Shieh  Sung Yu).  Mr Thinley Dorje Lama used to teach tuition class to some rich children and earn money for children. Some time he used to go to China for do labor work and earn little money for children. He is doing very hard work for children but now a days he got little so little easy to him.
We could only buy land by help of Mr Hung Family. Even we need help from all kindness people  to construct building, it’s  decorations and other many.

Project Funding Needs

New Light Society Foundation is on the first step to do so need fund for Health side and education side. Also need fund for office construction and appliances.

Education side

On Education side we started New Light Society Hostel which is on the begging stage of construction and other so will need funding to complete the various basic system to make the home operational as well as projected costs for effective functioning the children’s hostel and early childhood education project. Goal is limit as 100 children and will increase number of children if Donor increases. Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel with bathroom and toilet attach, Teacher and Staff Quarters, Canteen House, Library House, Study Room, Public Contract House, Store Room, General Toilet, Water Taps. Fund need for Education plan are large but we will start from normal.

Health Side

New Light Society Foundation going to build hospital in Namkha Village Municipality, Ward 3,    Lamakholsi village. Lamakholsi village is situated between two big village name Khagal Gaon and Kholsi. Very necessary of Hospital there. This is only propose if Sponsor get. But sure we will do one day. We are requesting all over the world for support. If people help then we will build there hospital and serve.

Necessary of Office

There is some necessary thing for New Light Society Foundation head Office at Simkot and branch office at New Light Society Hostel. Office need to purchase thing like computer, printer, etc. So we need at least $5000

Child Sponsorship and scholarship program

There will be options for overseas participation and sponsorship of children. This will be a relational sponsorship with sponsor ‘ parents’ being able to correspond through social media as well as visit the child as he/she develops through the years.
There will be also scholarships programs for community children who are from the surrounding community who are from lower class family.
       We need monthly sponsoring to children as parent. Per child need 900$ in the year for food, clothes, uniform, Sanitary, Education equipment, tuition fee, etc. We need 19 person who can regular sponsorship to children.
Also want to say thank you for all who consideration to our request.

Your truly

New Light Society Foundation and New Light Society Hostel Project Committee

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